All of the songs yr sick of jam-packed into 14+ minutes o’ messy,menstruating , magical mayhem!

  1. Haircuts
  2. Decapitated In Barbie’s Dreamhouse
  3. Grab Ass
  4. The Happiest Little Zombie
  5. Louis Vuitton Tramp Stamp
  6. Magical Moustache Ride

2008 – Cassette Deck Media Conglomerate (CDMC-2)


I’m made of cupcakes and dead animals / Eating meat from my bones like a cannibal / Black teeth squishing pink frosting / My siamese twin’s gonna murder me / Hallowed, hollow I’m the ideal queen / Roadkill cutie that will make you green / Oh baby, I have no shame / I won’t stop ’til I’m a household name / “I think yr just jealous” – Bitch, plz! / Dig up the dirt on me / You’ll bury me / I love androgyny / Do you stand up when you pee? / Now who is the fucking creep? / I’m so vain I got a new last name / Terror, Violence, Barbie, Bitch / It’s brutal shit / Dressed in my street-walking couture / I’m just generous, I’m not a whore / +++ / Haircuts! Hairsluts! / Lightning bolt face, is yr razor blade sharp as the angle in yr bangs? / Haircuts! Hairsluts!

Decapitated In Barbie’s Dreamhouse
Even before she came apart, she was really nothing at all / No bones and no joints, only crude connections / Dressed in neon and velcro / Her hair was cut, it would never grow back / Her guts would spill but she didn’t have any as a matter of fact / All the while she is smiling / The white paint reminding me of something pure and undisturbed / But she’s perturbed / She makes me very very very very insecure / All alone in her castle / A big fake house of artificial material and pepto-bismol colored walls / She has it all, she had it all in possession and presentation / Flawless limbs and facial expression / Lips and thighs and tits you only get from botox injections / And all the accessories to match / Latex skin without a single scratch / All along she had it coming / There was no escape no running / Her flimsy knees don’t move unless you break them in two / Her head popped off on the tile floor / It got caught in the kitchen door / Pink guillotine with the plastic blade / I think these rooms are filled with hate / Her arm fell off in the empty bathtub / It got twisted around the faucet and knobs / Turn on the water, making it scalding hot / Melt her down the drain in the pipes she’s a clog and she’s gone / Now she comes to haunt you in yr sleep / She creeps into yr tattered dreams / She scoffs and taunts you while you eat / Holds yr hair as you vomit yr stomach clean / Suck it in
To make you thin / Suck it in / You make me cringe / God bless Mattell for giving us hell / Thousands of plastic role models / An anorexic army turning teens to trash piles

Grab Ass
I am Malakai , I am Malakai / Breaking all your fucking bones / I am Malakai, I am Malakai / Oozing with testosterone / I am Malakai, I am Malakai / Breaking all your fucking bones / I am Malakai, I am Malakai / Oozing with testosterone / Mercy is for the weak / Let me pour the gasoline / I am the arsonist / Burning pyrotechnics / Bottle rocket in my pants / Look how big my match is / To set it on / Fire fire fire fire fire fire / Get down, get down, get down, get down, get down and and grovel / I wanna, I wanna, I wanna , I wanna see you crawl, I wanna see you crawl / Cause I got the balls, you faggot

Louis Vuitton Tramp Stamp
Sweet sixteen / Super snob supreme / I am the teen dream / I killed the teen dream / Sweet sixteen / I’m gonna make you cream your pants with jealousy / I’m the bitch of bourgeoisie / You can’t come to my birthday party / You can’t come because yr ugly / You can’t c-c-come / Daddy’s rich and mommy’s indifferent / I’m gonna make the most of it / It’s my fucking party and I’ll cry if i want to / Fat girls who think they’re thin / Silly girl, you don’t even have tits yet / O-M-F-G / L-O-L-Z / O-M-F-G / L-O-L-Z / Where are the chaperones? / There’re teeny bopper brats on the dance floor trying to bone / It’s my fucking party and I’ll cry if i want to / I’m the princess / Got my tiara on / I’ll always get whatever i want / Fancy cars, diamond rings / Bling bling motherfucker bow down to me / This is totally exclusive / This is totally stupid

Magical Moustache Ride
I want you / Groins and loins / Come on baby get in, I’ve got candy and toys / My little happy meal / It’s a package deal / Red hamburger / Eat my fries / You’re my plastic prize / Let’s go on a magical moustache ride / Sandwiched in yr pre-pubescent thighs / Am i medium-rare? /Or am i just raw? / Chew on me / Grind yr teeth / Eat my meat / Eat my meat / Put me on the chopping block / Hack my head off / Quick! Don’t let me rot / Come on baby, make it hot!