BUST!/Heart Shaped Hate

Three songs by BUST! and three songs by Heart Shaped Hate on one CD to commemorate our 2010 Japan tour! Super special screen printed art by Natali & Kyle! Only 500 copies made! Konichiwa, bitches!

  1. Whaaaahhhhaaaappppon? (BUST!)
  2. The Bassline to “Eruption” (BUST!)
  3. Have Love, Will Travel (BUST!)
  4. Princess Shredder (Heart Shaped Hate)
  5. Boy Leech (Heart Shaped Hate)
  6. JonBenet.gif (Heart Shaped Hate)

2010 – Underground Government/Recess Japan (UG-25) – Cassette Deck Media Conglomerate (CDMC-23)