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We have put up all our releases for free/pay-what-you-want download on bandcamp!



Going Away Show!

Hey! Come see us one more time before we go on a break while Natali moves to Seattle! PARTY!

This past weekend was a fucking blast! Thanks Dude Cave w/ tampz and We Forgot Fest! It was fun to get drunk/stay sober with all you babes and bros.



So if you haven’t heard, Natali is moving to Seattle at the end of September/early October!!! We have a few shows left before that happens though. It might be a hot minute before we once again combine forces, so you should come out to this shit:

September 16 – @ Dude Cave w/Tampons, Woodstock IL
September 17 – We Forgot Fest, Bloomington IL
September 24 – BUST!/HSH Going Away Party! @ Lucky Gator Loft, Chicago IL

WE ARE NOT BREAKING UP! We are still planning on putting out a full length, a heart-shaped 7″ on Happiness Records, and maybe a little remix cd for funsies! Also, we still wanna tour sometime (since it didn’t happen this year…. boo). HSH 4EVER.

August 14 @ Reggie’s

We’re stoked to play with Slutever soon! They were on Girls Get Busy Chixtape #1 with us. So come to this show, cause it’ll be radical/neato/hang ten/awesome/wicked (like this neon palm tree poster). ALSO, WE HAVE A SECRET PROJECT IN THE WORKS. Stay tuned! ~~~~*

Japan Tour 2010 Video (Finally)

So it’s been almost a year since we went to Japan, but here’s 15 minutes worth of cat cafes, nut grabbing, noodle eating and sweating like we’ve never sweat before. WE MISS IT SO! Oh and if you want to check out full songs of some of the sweet Japanese bands we played with, as well as some BUST! & HSH, there are additional videos on that YouTube account! Meow meow meow kawaii desu~~~

Chixtape! + Show 3/26

We’re super excited to be on Chixtape #1, thanks to the ladies over at Girls Get Busy! If you live across the pond in the London area, there’s a fun release party/dj sesh next Tuesday. Details here!

And on Saturday, we’re playing the Truman & His Trophy record release! It will probably be our last show for awhile. See you there, jerks!

Show With Zebras & Czarbles On December 10th

Don’t forget, pussycats. One week from today we are back in Madison and it’s Lacey’s birthday! MEOW MEOW MEOW!

The Adventures Of Heart Shaped Hate

My super awesome friend Mike Goings (who has magical beard powers and eats only pizza and whiskey) made us this fucking rad comic! It’s called The Adventures of Heart Shaped Hate: Cupcakes Solve Everything and you can check it out here!

Oh Hai

We’re not dead. We’ve just been busy painting our nails and working hard for the money. Girl stuff. A few things I guess:

On December 10th, we’re playing at Mickey’s Tavern in Madison, WI with our homies Zebras and Czarbles. Zebras and Czarbles! Poster to come! It’s Lacey’s fucking birthday and hopefully this time I don’t throw up in my mouth in the car ride home from getting wayyyyyy too fucking drunk. MADISON I LUV U AND WHISKEY AND SPOTTED COW ON TAP.

We are going to be the backing band for CHICA X! In case you aren’t familiar (shame on u), Chica is a 10 year old girl who raps and wears cool clothes and puts out fucking records. She want’s to spice things up from her usual computer electro beatz and that’s why she called us up. We’re gonna play on her album coming out next year and then there will be a Chica X/HSH tour in the summer!!! So much ice cream eating and mall shopping and boy gossiping will be had, you don’t even KNOW!

And we are totally playing Ian’s Party 2011. HOLLA!

Someday I’ll put up some photos and videos from Japan. Maybe, baby.

Tour Starts Today!

The time has comeeeee! SUPER EXCITED!!!! Minneapolis is tonight at the Conventicle! JAPAN IS IN A WEEK!