2 vulgar songs by Heart Shaped Hate + 2 weird songs by The Most Genuine Expression. With guest vocal appearances! On rad green /black splatter vinyl!


  1. Uppercunt
  2. Bad To The Boner


  1. Doctor And Misses
  2. Kevlin’s Song (Big Dick Brodeo)

2009 – Cassette Deck Media Conglomerate (CDMC-4)


Are you hot for her? / She’s blow job popular / Chug, chug, chug, chug ’til you throw up / Chug, chug, chug, chug ’til you need yr stomach pumped / Let’s go out / Hit the clubs / I hope my panties are coming off / Come on, girl / Eat it up / You want a bite of these muffin tops? / Like, OMG / Totally gag me with a cock ’cause whenever I talk, every other word is fuck / Tanning-rayed, french-manicured aberzombied valley girl / Freshman-fifteened sorority queen getting her Mrs. degree / Spreading her legs and the pages of US Weekly / Wearing that Tiffany jewelry / I’m a Jenna Jameson wannabe / My best girlfriends and me, we got matching belly button rings

Bad To The Boner
Bro down, man up / You know that I’m packing / Got this huge-ass truck / No fear / Boobs and beer / My three favorite things words: faggot, gay, queer / Fuck yeah, domestic abuse / Fuck yeah, jungle juice / Fuck yeah, doing keg stands / Fuck yeah, nu-metal bands / Fuck yeah, creatine powder / Fuck yeah, power hours / Fuck yeah, tribal tats / Fuck yeah, being in a frat / Fuck yeah, frosted tips / Fuck yeah, being small-dicked / I’m going to the bars tonight / I’m gonna pick a fight / Feeding girls roofie cocktails / Show that bitch who’s the alpha male / I got my beer goggles on / I could go all night long