Oh Hai

We’re not dead. We’ve just been busy painting our nails and working hard for the money. Girl stuff. A few things I guess:

On December 10th, we’re playing at Mickey’s Tavern in Madison, WI with our homies Zebras and Czarbles. Zebras and Czarbles! Poster to come! It’s Lacey’s fucking birthday and hopefully this time I don’t throw up in my mouth in the car ride home from getting wayyyyyy too fucking drunk. MADISON I LUV U AND WHISKEY AND SPOTTED COW ON TAP.

We are going to be the backing band for CHICA X! In case you aren’t familiar (shame on u), Chica is a 10 year old girl who raps and wears cool clothes and puts out fucking records. She want’s to spice things up from her usual computer electro beatz and that’s why she called us up. We’re gonna play on her album coming out next year and then there will be a Chica X/HSH tour in the summer!!! So much ice cream eating and mall shopping and boy gossiping will be had, you don’t even KNOW!

And we are totally playing Ian’s Party 2011. HOLLA!

Someday I’ll put up some photos and videos from Japan. Maybe, baby.