New song up! Split CD! Japan!!!

Summer is gonna be awesome. Here’s why:

  1. Releasing a split with BUST!
  2. Having a super rad release show/party on July 24th
  3. Going on tour out West
  4. Going on tour in MOTHERFUCKING JAPAN

Yeahhhhhh! So here’s the split art. Godzilla & a banana split. We are pressing 500 copies and screen printing/hand-making all the packaging! 3 new songs by BUST! and 3 new songs by us. “Princess Shredder” is in the sidebar for yr listening pleasurez.

So to celebrate, we are having a big release show/party/bbq/kegger/tour kickoff on July 24th. Vacation Bible School, Drmanhattan, Truman & His Trophy, and Double Bird are playing too. More specific details are coming soon. Here’s the poster/flyer:

Check out the Facebook invite here.